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Hello there! My name is André Casey and I’m a graphic designer specializing in website and brand design. Through a careful and considered process of research, reflection, and iteration, I create beautiful and effective designs for a wide variety of media. With engaging visuals, clear typography, and solid technical foundations, I help people enhance their marketing strategies.

I’ve worked with publications and design agencies on design systems, branding, website development, and print collateral. Being on small teams, I learned to work quickly and create stellar work with limited resources. Producing the highest quality visual communication has always been my main focus. I often encourage my clients to take calculated risks without compromising their message.

With degrees in Graphic Design and Psychology, I use a cross-discipline approach that ensures the human aspect is a core component of the design process. This allows me to balance the needs of the business with those of its customers, and help the organization communicate its message effectively and achieve its goals.

My work starts with strong typographic foundations to make sure the organization looks professional and polished. Photography, illustrations, and other graphics are used when appropriate. Sometimes this means the most effective design solution is purely letterforms. Other times it’s more focused on photography or using strong illustrations alongside the type. These decisions are the result of a collaborative process that sometimes takes the project in unexpected directions.

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